Ayurveda The Mother of all Medicines

Ayurveda is one of the most ancient systems of Health Care and Therapy. Ayurvedic treatments use powders, tablets and medicated oils derived from plants, herbs, and minerals, which are easily assimilated by the body without harmful effects.

Ayurveda covers all aspects of healing including diet, exercise, lifestyle, yoga and meditation. Ayurveda assists Nature by promoting harmony between Nature and individual by living a life of balance, according to existential laws. It works with forces of Nature, helping people to cure and prevent disease, strengthen the body and purify the mind.

Ayurveda is a complete medical system, which reveals that ultimately, all intelligence and wisdom flows from one absolute source - Paramatma. Health manifests by the grace of the absolute, acting through the laws of Nature - Prakriti. Ayurveda sees the person as whole individual and considers not only physical health, but also mental and spiritual well-being. It is this mandatory integrated approach that makes AYURVEDA pre-eminent among all the Schools of medicine. The goal in Ayurveda is a healthy and long life.

Healing ourselves through the ayurvedic methods, we also heal the mother earth. Through healing the earth, we bring harmony between all living beings and the greater universe. Ayurveda brings the person to a state where sickness cannot reach him! Understanding who we are and how we function is important for having peace and happiness in our lives. Through shining the light onto the truth and beauty of our unique selves, we can help others to do the same. Ayurevda gives us a specific map to knowing our innermost being, through investigating our prakriti (nature) and the doshas (biological forces).

Similarly, Ayurveda considers that the physical nature of various living organisms are both caused and affected by the varying combinations of the basic attributes. This spiritual science offers numerous unique benefits. It looks at people as individuals, not as a generic group. It heals from the root-cause of an illness, not merely treating the symptoms.
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