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Ayurvedic Treatment Centre Goa India, offers superior quality of treatments as well as in-depth training and education. We maintain a 15 year legacy of providing the best Ayurvedic treatment to our valued customers from all over the world. Our holistic approach is committed to provide 100% results to all our guests.

Ayurveda Living in Peace Joy and Happiness

Welcome to the world of Ayurveda - the art of divine healing with ancient knowledge. Pure gift to mankind from God Dhanwanthari. Ayurveda’s ancient philosophy and techniques have been passed on from one generation to the next. It views our planet and all living beings as a part of the great universe, and works with forces of nature to restore and maintain both physical and mental well-being. Ayurveda has evolved through the philosophy of kindness, helping people to receive cure, prevent disease, and strengthen the body and the mind. We at Ayurma help people to understand the uniqueness of Ayurveda, while providing proper tools and guidance for establishing and maintaining a healthy life. Our combination of Ayurvedic purification methods and rejuvenation treatments enable every client who walks through our doors, to experience a wonderful transformation. At Ayurma, we do not cut corners and use only top quality natural oils, herbal preparations, and traditional medicated equipment. Our team of knowledgeable Ayurvedic doctors and experienced therapists bring about the best results for every treatment. The journey to health and happiness starts with a one-on-one session with our Ayurvedic doctor who develops the client’s health profile and accordingly provides recommendations on the course of treatment this includes addressing current complaints, giving advice on diet, special exercise, medication and tonics to maintain physical and mental health.

  1. Abhyangam Massage (Traditinal Ayurvedic Massage)
  2. Face Massage (Mukha Abhyangam)
  3. Feet Massage (Pada Abhyangam)
  4. Head Massage (Shiro Abhyangam)
  5. Re- balancing Massages (Series of 8 Massages)
  6. Rejuvenation Massage (Body Massages)
  7. Massage with Feet (Chavitti Thirumal)

Main Treatments
  1. Snehapanam (intake Medicated Ghee)
  2. Shirodhara Treatment

    1. Thaila Dhara (Medicated Oil Dhara)
    2. Ksheeradhara (Medicated Milk)
    3. Thakradhara (Medicated Butter Milk)

  3. Sarvangadhara Treatment

    1. Dhnyamladhara
    2. Pizhichil

  4. Kizhi Treatment

    1. Elakkizhy (Medicinal Leaves)
    2. Podikkizhy (Medicated Powders)
    3. Muttakkizhy (Egg & Herbs)
    4. Mamsakkiizhy (Meat, Rice & Herbs)
    5. Narangakkizhy (Lemon & Herbs)
    6. Navarakkizhy (Medicinal Rice and Milk)

  5. Udvarthanam (Massage with Medicinal Powder)
  6. Upanahasweda (Herbal Medicine Application for seating)
  7. Steam Baths

    1. Bashpa Sweda (Medicated stem Bath)
    2. Avagaha Sweda (Medicinal Water Steam)
    3. Nadi Sweden (Medicated hot Steam)
Panchakarma Treatments
  1. Vamanam (Vomiting Treatment)
  2. Virechanam (Purgation Treatment)
  3. Vasthy (Cleansing Enema)

    1. Kashyavasthy (Herbal Decoction based Enema)
    2. Snehavasthy (Herbal Oil based Enema)

  4. Nasyam (Nasal treatment)
  5. Raktamoksha (Cleaning the Blood)

Sub -Treatments
  1. Kativasthy (Lower back Treatment)
  2. Netravasthy (Eye Treatment)
  3. Januvasthy (Knee Treatment)
  4. Shirovathy (Head Treatment)
  5. Urovasthy (Heart Treatment)
  6. Greevavasthy ( Neck Treatment)
  7. Thalopothichil (Head Treatment)
  8. Pichu (Medicated Oil or Paste application)
  9. Thalam (Head Treatment)
  10. Ksheeradhoomam (Hot Milk Steam Treatment)
  11. Yoni Prakshalanam (Female Genital Treatment)
  12. Karnapoornam (Ear Treatment)
  13. Netradhara (Eye Treatment)
  14. Lepanam (Herbal Paste Treatment)

Ayurveda Treatment programs
  1. Body care massage program 7 days $250
  2. Anti-stress treatment program 5 days $350
  3. Detox treatment program 10 days $450
  4. Colon cleansing treatment program 14 days $680
  5. Wight lose treatment program 14 days $700
  6. Face care treatment 10 days $400
  7. Spine and neck care treatment 14 days $840
  8. Rejuvenation treatment program 10 days $1400
  9. Body purification treatment program 14 days $1680
  10. Body immunization treatment program 21 days $2300
  11. Anti-Aging treatment program 28 days $2800
  12. Psoriasis treatment program 21 days $1670
  13. Panchakarma treatment program 35 days $1450

Ayurveda Courses and Training

Welcome to Ayurma! – A world of Ayurveda, Ayurvedic Nursing and Panchakarma.

At Ayurma, we believe that "experience is the best teacher". Consequently, our courses are designed to provide a combination of both, a strong foundation in theoretical knowledge, as well as extensive practical expertise. Each student will be provided with the opportunity to observe, undergo and administer a comprehensive variety of Ayurvedic treatments. We have adopted this three step method with the objective of ensuring a wholesome experience- an experience that is structured on principles of touch, movement, speed, pressure, warmth & coolness as well as the application of ancient Ayurvedic wisdom.
  1. Certificate in Ayurvedic Abhyangam Massage $150
  2. Certificate in Ayurvedic Re-Balancing Massages 10 days 30 hours $250
  3. Certificate in Ayurvedic Treatment Shirodhara $180
  4. Diploma in Ayurveda Massage & Therapies 6 weeks 400 hours $1300
  5. Diploma in Ayurveda Massages & Panchakarma 6 weeks 400 hours $1300
  6. Diploma in Ayurveda Nursing & Panchakarma 90 days 800 hours $2400

Ayurvedic Medicine

Food as Medicine is the base concept of Ayurveda. Food along with Ayurvedic lifestyle keeps the disease away. Ayurveda produces medicine like food (tonics to improve health) and medicine for healing all diseases. Time, Space, Weather age of person depend the effect of medicine. Quantities and timing depends on the disease and the personal health condition. Ayurvedic medicine not only cures the specific disease but improve the overall health, by immunizing the entire body mind soul without any side-effects. Milk is largest used ingredient for the preparation of Ayurvedic medicines.

It is very important to use products produced according to the Vedas (Ancient Indian Vedic Literature) Astanga Hrudaya, Charaka Samhita, Sushruta Samhita, Bhaishajya Ratnavali etc. Ayurma offer a variety of Ayurvedic herbal products from top manufactures from Kerala India. We also manufacture few specific products.

Ayurveda Remedies for

Anaemia , Acne, Anxiety, Acidity, Alzheimer's Diseases, Arthritis, Bronchitis Asthma, Boils, Baldness, Bleeding Gum, Constipation, Common cold & Cough, Colitis, Cystitis, Cataract, Cervical Spondylosis, Cerebral atrophy, Chicken Pox, Cramps, Conjunctivitis, Diabetes Mellitus, Dyspepsia, Dysentery, Dandruff, Depression, Diarrhoea, Epilepsy, Eczema, Enlarge Prostate, Eosinophilia, Flatulence, Fatigue, Fever, Female Sterility, Flu, Gout, Gastritis, Gall-bladder Disorder, Goitre, Greying of hair, General Debility, Gonorrhoea, Gas & Indigestion, High cholesterol, Hyperacidity, High, Hair Loss, Headaches, Hiccups, Haemorrhoids, Haemoptysis, Heart Diseases, Indigestion, Insomnia, Immunity Disorders, Influenza, Intestinal Worms, Irregular Menstrual Period, Irritable bowel syndrome, Jaundice/Hepatitis, Joint Pain, Kidney stone, Kidney Health, Leucorrhoea, Leukoderma, Loss of Memory, Loss of appetite, Low Blood Pressure (Hypotension), Liver Disorder, Miscarriage & Abortion, Menopause, Myopia, Migraine, Male Sterility, Measles, Menstruation Disorder, Nervous weakness & disorders, Numbness, swelling, Obesity, Oedema,

Paralysis, Parkinson’s disease, Piles / Fissure / Fistula, Premenstrual Tension, Pyorrhoea, Psoriasis, Peptic Ulcer, Prostate Disorder, Palpitation, Painful Menstruation, Premature Ejaculation, Rheumatism, Ringworm, Stress , Sinusitis, Sciatica, Skin Care, Sore throat, Sexual weakness, Impotency, Stomach Ulcer, Skin Allergy, Sciatica, Syphilis, Sleeplessness, Tonsillitis, Toothache, Urinary Diseases, Urticarial, Vertigo, Wart, Weight lose, Weight gain, Whooping cough, Weakness and fatigue etc

Different types of Ayurvedic Medicines
  • Arishta & Asava (Fermented formulation medicine)
  • Taila & Kuzhambu (Oil based medicine)
  • Choornas (Powdered herbal medicine)
  • Ghritam (Ghee based medicine)
  • Gulika (Pill form of Medicine)
  • Kashayam (Herbal decoction medicine)
  • Lehyas (Herbal mixture with Sugar or Honey)
  • Bhasma (Calicinated herbs)

Yoga Asanas and Breathing

Ayurma teach you authentic yoga techniques based on Shiv Purana, original teachings of aadi Guru and the Supreme Indian deities Shiva and Parvathy.

Each posture of Yoga symbolic of prayer offerings, to unite with one the Almighty, While breathing techniques are gestures of supplication and gratitude to the Almighty, these techniques empower individuals to throw away the impure and imbibe a pure consciousness, allowing divine spirits to enter and stimulate the soul.

Each posture with awareness brings deep balance in to body, mind, and soul. Body movements bring active liveness to the moments, Breath inhalation and exhalation brings experience of life and death. Fear is removed so the trust enters. Doubts are cleared so the passage is created; blocks are released so free to expressions. Through the path of yoga one becomes united with the whole the ultimate experience of Moksham.

Various breathing techniques focused certain part of the body like, Abdomen, Chest, Head, Sinus area, Tongue, Mouth, brings various benefits to the entire body. Most important benefits is Breathing techniques stimulates the chakras (vital part) allows them to be open thus helps one to become more conscious. Servicing all organs, removing all toxins and illuminating your inner world. Proper flow of breath allow one to live long and remain young and beautiful

We at Ayurma provide you the seeds of yoga and breathing techniques, allow you to grow them gradually. Over a time each students transformed in to a Yoga master and help this planet to be filled with masters of yoga.


Conscious being is able to unite with God, (Moksham) the ultimate goal of life. Meditation practices help one to become conscious and aware of each moment. Each technique allows the thoughts to become ease, break the thinking Patten, removes all junk from the mind. Good and bad dreams are stopped; take one to the depth of the silence, closer and closer to the Supreme Being. Practicing Meditations energise and activate the Chakras (Vital energy centres) which allows one to move to his inner world and the world around him.

We may different in outwards, but deep IN we all are ONE is the fundamental teachings of meditations. Meditations help all duel energies to become balanced, allowing one to experience the silence with in. Being conscious and aware a meditator could experience bliss feelings in his heart, beauty in all the colours, love in all music’s, and Godliness everywhere. Ayurma teaches to several Meditation techniques to our valued clients who are interested. We are also conducting Meditation classes

Ayurvedic Treatment Equipment’s & Accessories

Authentic Treatment Equipment’s is very important in order to efficiently perform all the Massages and Treatments. Treatment Table (Ennathoni) once manufactured according to Ayurvedic measurements with Neem oil seasoning is a real investment for any Ayurvedic clinic. It tremendously help therapist to perform well and has a life span of 200 to 300 years. Ayurma manufactures equipment that is high in wood quality, design, easy to use and move. Our list of equipment includes: Treatment Table (Ennathoni), Shirodhara Stand, Steam Bath system, Gas top Side Table with wheels, and all other accessories.
  1. Treatment Table - $ 900 to $1400
  2. Shirodhara Stand - $350
  3. Steam Bath - $1700
  4. Gas top Side Table with Wheels - $390

Other products (please contact us for prices)
  1. Shirodhara Pot & accessories Kit
  2. Pizhichil accessories Kit
  3. Navarakkizhy accessories kit
  4. Elakkizhy accessories kit
  5. Kashyavasthy Yanthram
  6. Matravashti Yanthram
  7. Shirovasthi Cap
  8. Nadi Sweden Yantra
  9. Treatment Pillows
  10. Thorth (Kerala type towel)
  11. Lungi
  12. Langotyy cloth
  13. Oil Pots
  14. Oil Jars
  15. Herbal Jars / Pots
  16. Green Gram Flour
  17. Herbal Shampoo
  18. Nilavilaakku
  19. Uruly
  20. Dhanwathari Photo
  21. Dhanwathari Idol Stone
  22. Dhanwathari Idol Wood


A variety of accommodation options are available (Beach Resorts, Star Hotels, Guest houses and furnished apartments) - subjective to client need and budget. We have tie-ups with leading hotels in Goa, who provide our clients with up to 10 to 15% off on regular rates except during Christmas and New Year seasons.

Please choose your hotel from below

Accommodation Per day Website to beach to Clinic
Ferrow Apartments $15 - 10 mins 2 mins
Hotel Dnafloria $30 http://donaflorina.co.in Beach view 10 mins
Hotel Demellos $30 http://www.dmellos.com Beach view 10 mins
Hotel Shanu $30 http://www.shanu.in Beach view 10 mins
Hotel Villa Augusta (2 Star) $45 http://villaagustagoa.com 5 mins 15 mins
Hotel Godwin (4 Star) $75 http://www.godwinhotels.in/godwin-hotel-goa.html 8 mins 5 mins

Goa Paradise within paradise

Goa, the land of sun, sand and spirit has earned a reputation for being a world famous tourist paradise, the state of Goa is a tiny jewel situated on the Konkan coast, in the western region of India

Goa is famous for its breath-taking natural beauty and historic architectural splendours in the forms of historic temples, churches, forts and heritage homes. Unseen too many is Goa’s serenity, simple happiness and hospitality. Goa is a melting pot of Indian and European cultures due to its unique colonial history, it has distinctive relaxed lifestyle that is lively, generous and hospitable without bounds and is quite different from the rest of India. All the communities within the state co-exist through mutual respect and warm feelings of brotherhood towards one another; the state’s secular outlook has given Goa a long and an unbroken tradition of religious harmony. Being a well-known tourist destination- Goa is well connected with flight, train and bus services.

Candolim Beach is unique unto itself. Near to our Location you could experience the best of Swimming.
Welcome to Ayurma! - A world of Ayurveda, Ayurvedic Nursing and Panchakarma.

At Ayurma, we believe that 'experience is the best teacher'. Consequently, our courses are designed to provide a combination of both, a strong foundation in theoretical knowledge, as well as extensive practical expertise. Each student will be provided with the opportunity to observe, undergo and administer a comprehensive variety of Ayurvedic treatments. We have adopted this three step method with the objective of ensuring a wholesome experience- an experience that is structured on principles of touch, movement, speed, pressure, warmth & coolness as well as the application of ancient Ayurvedic wisdom.