Anti-aging immunization treatment 21 to 28 days
Lack of exercise, body maintenance, sleep, food habits, overworking, climatic variations etc can cause the accumulation of toxins inside the body and can lead to physical imbalance and premature aging. Three and half hours per day this ayurveda programme bring an end to all stress, tensions, aches and pains. This programme have everything to make your life longing, celebrating, smile and beautiful. Scientifically prepared habit breaker treatments allows body mind to throw away toxins and thoughts naturally. Detox and purify the whole body to attain better health and proper balance of body humours. Strengthening the immune systems, correcting body mind functions, movements, intelligence, senses, breath, sleep, appetite and slows down ageing processes.

This treatment package includes abhyangam, udvarthanam, elakkizhi, shirodhara, pizhichil, navarakkizhi, snehapanam, nasya, virechanam, snehavasti, kashyavasti, thalam, lepanam, steam bath etc. Treatments are given in the morning and afternoon. Mild diet is followed during the treatments.

Most effective treatment for arthritis, rheumatic diseases, numbness, low blood circulation, nervous disorders, neurological ailments, skin diseases, stress, sleeplessness, swelling, obesity, joint pain, blood pressure, paralysis, respiratory problems, sexual weakness, constipation, emaciation of limbs, fistula, flatulence, gastric complaints, gout, cholesterol etc
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