Anti - Stress treatment program 5 to 7days
Excessive thoughts running within one’s head, these undigested and unwanted thoughts could simply damage our precious life. Most problems we face today is due to lack of true knowledge, ayurveda the mother of all medicine offers various treatments for mind related problems.

Bigger the problem bigger the solution, holistic approaches of ayurveda, yoga, and meditations provide great knowledge and support for one to solve his own created and others given problems completely. Being open to life and start to do the right thing with awareness is the key for energising oneself and destroying the negative attachment with our problems. Accepting and forgiving is the main key for expressing all the tensions and negativities and transform one to childlike-king.

Anti-stress treatment starts with one-on-one consultation with our expert to clear out the doubts, confusions and understand that certain amount of opposition is require to experience the heights of life. Abhyangam massage, head massage, foot and hand massage, shirodhara, steam bath, and special shower along with yoga asanas, breathing techniques and meditation bring immediate benefit to the client. Also certain ayurvedic medicine and health food helps quick realization of peace.
Ayurma Kerala Ayurvedic Treatment centre
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