Certificate in ayurveda re-balancing massages 14 days 40 hours
Ayurma brought to you the Kerala specific ayurvedic rebalancing massage training, intelligently prepare for your easy learning and practice. Ayurvedic massage is an ancient Indian form of hands on healing, which uses herbal oils and herbal powders as medicine. This 14 days 45 hours certificate in ayurvedic massage course enables you to meet the international standards of practice as an ayurveda massage therapist. 35 hours of practical classes prepare you to perform the best rebalancing massage therapist and 5 hours theory class will provide you all the basic knowledge about body and its functions.

Training Time (Subject change)
Ayurveda Theory lesson 11 am 11.25 am 5 hours
Ayurveda Practical lessons 11:30 am 2.30 pm 35 hours

Ayurveda re-balancing massages Based on Abhyangam massage the movements and techniques used follow the growth of the body. Massage movements and strokes are focused primarily on lengthening and relaxing the muscles, opening all joints and improving blood circulation. These massage techniques naturally stretch and warm the entire body. As a result deep seated and stagnant toxins in the joints and tissues are loosened and expelled into the elimination system of the body. It is a natural method of relaxing, cleansing and totally rejuvenating the human body and mind. Ayurvedic massage helps the heart to circulate blood and stimulates the Marma or the energy points. This allows the Prana or life force energy to move freely, restoring balance throughout the body. This massage also increases levels of oxygen, glucose, proteins and other vitalizing elements for the tissues and organs to thrive. Ayurvedic massage is for both mental and physical well-being. It fine tunes the body and mind and increasing flexibility.

Through our experience at Ayurma, we have developed eight unique levels of massage. Each module uses different techniques moving deeper into the human body for better integrative re-balancing. This powerful series of massages open and strengthen all biological and psychological systems of the body.

General body massages: This is a stimulating massage for robust health. It frees the entire body, naturally improving circulation and opening all joints. In this module you will learn to give an hour-long body massage including, all the base movements of this massage series. Mastering this module equips a student with knowledge of base movements for other massages.

Massage for muscles: This massage is focused primarily on lengthening and relaxing the muscles of the shoulders, neck, spine and legs. The massage movements are quite heavy and the therapist needs to have a firm foundation before administering this massage. It works directly on the muscle tissues. This massage uses specific body postures to release muscles from their roots. The entire body is given fresh oxygen and circulation is stimulated.

Massage for joints: This massage focuses on the two major joints, the hip and shoulder joints. This massage involves strong movements with knuckles, free adhesions to the joints and stretching of the surrounding ligaments. In this massage, a few characteristic body postures are used to release the hip and shoulder joints from the spine. The spine itself is massaged separately from both sides and helps in relieving stiffness while improving the overall posture and grace of the body.

Massage for skin and ligaments: Certain techniques, such as rolling of the skin and breaking of adhesions, allow the skin and muscles to glide with ease. Through these warming movements to the skin, toxins are easily flushed out from the skin and provide a relaxed and healthy appearance. The body also develops flexibility to return to its natural state of fluid energy and grace.

Massage with feet (walking on the body): This treatment involves a strong massage being given using the feet. Divided in to seven stages, the massage begins with pressure being applied while adjusting and controlling the body weight of the therapist. This is a form of deep massage that penetrates deep into the muscles and the joints, as a result of which one feels completely relaxed.

Massage with stretching: This massage involves a combination of stretching techniques and vibration to enable the body to regain its natural balance, posture and alignment. This massage assists in correcting improper postures of sitting, standing, walking, and sleeping.

Massage for inner organs: Dynamic breathing techniques and appropriate massages stimulate proper organ functioning by flushing the system of the body with fresh blood and oxygen. The inner organs are compressed wringing out toxins and trapped air to restore balance.

Massage for mental tension: Blocked energy is released, increasing vitality and stimulating positive emotions. In this massage, a special breathing technique is given with meditative care. Release of all stress is the main focus of this treatment. Encouraging, soothing and leading a person to purification is the outcome of this technique.
This Re-balancing massage series focuses on integrating each part of the body with the whole body. Each function of the body - Breath, Movement and Internal Organ functions are enhanced with these various massages. All our therapy models focus on the whole body, yet each gives deep attention to its different parts. Materials required: Books, videos, massage oils, towels etc provided

Eligibility: Ayurma study centre is open to all students who have a genuine interest in ayurveda and related healing.

Medium of Instruction: All our training programs are conducted in english. If required translator can be arranged – however, the translator’s fees will be borne by the student.

Training dates and timing: Classes will be conducted monday to saturday. If the students require additional coaching, extra sessions will be engaged on sundays.

Instructor Qualifications: All trainings are conducted by experienced therapist and doctors qualified with BAMS degrees.

Certification: Ayurma is an approved training centre of BSS (Baharat sevak samaj). Our certificates are valid and appreciated internationally.

We accept Indian (INR) as well as foreign currency (USD, EURO, and GBP) Credit card (Visa / Master Cards) -1.8% processing charges will be applicable per transaction) Bank Transfer facility is also available. Payments by cheque please mention in favour of AYURMA

Location: We are offering course in Goa and Kerala. The destination airport in Goa - Dabolim international airport and in kerala - Trivandrum international airport. Train and bus route details are available on request.

Training fee: Euro 350

Complimentary offer:
1. Yoga and meditation classes for 5 hours
2. Ayurveda doctor consultation, pulse and tongue diagnosis to create client’s health profile, provides recommendation on the treatment course to address current complaints, and gives advice on diet, special exercise, medications and tonics to maintain physical and mental health.

Reservation / Cancellation Policy
-We are committed to uphold the efficiency of our training programs and admit a limited number of students each month. Admissions are done strictly on ‘first-come first-serve’ basis- students are advised to apply for admission in advance.
-A deposit of 50% (of the prescribed course fee) must be paid at the time of admission to secure reservation in the program. Once the advance is received, confirmation details and course materials will be sent to the student. The advance deposit is refundable, provided the student informs the administration one month prior to the commencement of the program. -The deposit will be deducted from the total course fee, the balance of which must be paid on the first day of the program.
-If a student wants to postpone their date of joining, they must inform the administration at least one month prior to the commencement date.
-If a student lost interest with ayurveda course due to various reasons we will return your money after deducting the classes you attend.
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