Diploma in Ayurveda Nursing and Panchakarma 8 weeks 400 hours
Ayurma brought to you the Kerala specific ayurvedic training, intelligently prepare for your easy learning and practice. This 400 hours diploma in ayurveda nursing and panchakarma therapies course enable you to meet the international standards of practice as an ayurveda panchakarma therapist worldwide. Twenty four weeks syllabus compacted in eight weeks’ time, 8 hours intensive study every day compared to the regular 3 hours per day. Ayurma training is immeasurable and the syllabus is all-inclusive. Total satisfaction guaranteed.

Training Schedule with hours
Ayurveda practical lessons 200 hours
Ayurveda lecture 120 hours
Yoga & Meditation 50 hours
Ayurveda cooking 25 hours
Homemade medicine and oil making 25 hours

Training Time (Subject change)
Yoga / Meditation 6 am 7 am
Ayurveda cooking / medicine preparations 8:30 am 9:30 am
Ayurveda Theory lesson 11 am 1 pm
Ayurveda Practical lessons 1:30 pm 5 pm

Materials required: Books, videos, massage oils, treatment oils and medicines, towels etc will be provided.

Eligibility: Ayurma study centre is open to all students who have a genuine interest in ayurveda and related healing techniques.

Medium of Instruction: All our training programs are conducted in english. If required translator can be arranged – however, the translator’s fees will be borne by the student.

Session Dates and timing: Trainings will be conducted monday to saturday. If the students require additional coaching, extra sessions will be engaged on sundays.

Instructor Qualifications: All trainings are conducted by experienced therapist and doctors qualified with BAMS degrees.

Certification: Ayurma is an approved training centre of BSS (Baharat sevak samaj). Our certificates are valid and appreciated internationally.

Mode of payment: We accept Indian (INR) as well as foreign currency (USD, EURO, and GBP) Credit card (Visa / Master Cards) -1.8% processing charges will be applicable per transaction) Bank Transfer facility is also available. Payments by cheque please mention in favour of AYURMA

Location: We are offering course in Goa and Kerala. The destination airport in Goa - Dabolim international airport and in kerala - Trivandrum international airport. Train and bus route details are available on request.

Accommodation: Single and double room (attached toilet / bath / hot shower/ fan, toiletry, bed linen, and towels along with mosquito net for the bed.

Breakfast 7:30 AM
Lunch 10:30 AM
Dinner 5:30 PM

Reservation / Cancellation Policy
-We are committed to uphold the efficiency of our training programs and admit a limited number of students each month. Admissions are done strictly on ‘first-come first-serve’ basis- students are advised to apply for admission in advance.
-A deposit of 50% (of the prescribed course fee) must be paid at the time of admission to secure reservation in the program. Once the advance is received, confirmation details and course materials will be sent to the student. The advance deposit is refundable, provided the student informs the administration one month prior to the commencement of the program.
-The deposit will be deducted from the total course fee, the balance of which must be paid on the first day of the program.
-If a student wants to postpone their date of joining, they must inform the administration at least one month prior to the commencement date.
-If a student lost interest with ayurveda course due to various reasons we will return your money after deducting the courses you attend.

Training fee Structure for 8 weeks
Trainings 1500 Euro
Accommodation 500 Euro
Food 350 Euro
Total 2350 Euro

Accommodation Packages include -Accommodation for the entire training period
-Ayurvedic vegetarian meals
-Transport to and from the airport
-Laundry Services

This package does not include -Flight

Complimentary offer: Ayurveda doctor consultation, pulse and tongue diagnosis to create client’s health profile, provides recommendation on the treatment course to address current complaints, and gives advice on diet, special exercise, medications and tonics to maintain physical and mental health.


1. Theory lessons
1. Fundamentals of Ayurveda
1. History of ayurveda
2. Ayurveda mother of all medicines
3. Body constitution (prakruti )
4. Theory of three humours (vata pita kapha)
5. Five elements of ayurveda
6. Seven bodily elements (sapthadhathu)
7. Mental constitution ( gunas)
8. Waste products of the body (mala)
9. Bodily fire ( agni)
10. Eight branches of ayurveda (astanga ayurveda)
11. Importance of massages in ayurveda
12. Importance of purvakarma treatments in ayurveda
13. Importance of panchakarma therapies in ayurveda
14. Importance of food in ayurveda
15. Importance of meditation in ayurveda
16. Importance of yoga in ayurveda

2. Anatomy
1. Human anatomy
2. Body parts
3. Organs – the relation with doshas and dhatus
4. Vital points of the body
5. Skeletal system
6. Muscular system
7. Nervous system
8. Circularly system
9. Excretory system
10. Digestive System
11. Immune system
12. Re-productive system
13. Urinary system
14. Respiratory system
15. Endocrine system
16. Cardio Vascular system
17. Integumentary system

3. Energy centres of the body
1. Marma (Vital points of the body)
2. Chakras (Energetic points of the body)
3. Sense Organs, Awareness and Balancing
4. Energetic field of the body

4. Physiology
1. Human physiology ( kriya shareeram)
2. Channels of the Body( srota shareeram)
3. Dhadhu and upadhadhus (bodily elements and accessory elements)
4. Ama ( morbid waste of the body
5. Fire( bodily fire and digestive fire)
6. Body constitution (prakruti muscular system)
7. Combination of humors and bodily elements during disease (doshdoosya sammorchanam)
8. Vitiation of humors (tri doshas and prakruti and vikruti)
9. System excretory concept of metabolism ( catabolism and anabolism)

5. Pharmacology of Medicinal plants
1. Importance of ayurveda pharmacy
2. Identification and classification of medicinal plants
3. Collection and preservation of plants
4. Preparation and storage of medicine

6. Ayurvedic Diet and Life style
1. Oil therapy, with self-massaging techniques,
2. Food as medicine
3. Selecting right food, with right quantity and right time
4. Ayurvedic tonic for living long with sound health

Practical lessons
7. Abhyangam Massages
1. Abhyangam massage - ayurvedic oil massage
2. Shiro abhyanga - head massage
3. Pada abhyanga - foot massage
4. Mukha abhyanga - face massage
5. Udvarthanam – strong massage with medicinal herbal powder

8. Treatments
1. Shirodhara / Thailadhara - medicated oil dhara treatment for head purification and rejuvenation
2. Thakradhara - medicated butter milk dhara treatment for head purification and rejuvenation
3. Ksheeradhara - medicated milk dhara treatment for head purification and rejuvenation
4. Pizhichil -medicinal oil bath treatment for body cleansing, purification and rejuvenation
5. Sarvangadhara - medicated milk treatment for body purification and rejuvenation
6. Dhanyamladhara - medicated decoction treatment for body purification and rejuvenation
7. Elakkizhi - medicinal leaves and herbs treatment for body purification and rejuvenation
8. Podikkizhi - medicated powders and herbs treatment for body purification and rejuvenation
9. Muttakkizhi - eggs and herbs treatment for body purification and rejuvenation
10. Mamsakkizhi - meat, rice and herbs treatment for body purification and rejuvenation
11. Narangakkizhi - lemon and herbs treatment for body purification and rejuvenation
12. Navarakkizhi - medicinal rice, milk and herbs treatment for body purification and rejuvenation
13. Snehapanam - intake of medicated ghee for detox treatment
14. Kativasti - lower back pain treatment with medicated oil
15. Greevavasti - neck pain treatment with medicated oil
16. Januvasti - knee pain treatment with medicated oil
17. Urovasti - heart and lungs purification and rejuvenating treatment with medicated oil
18. Shirovasti – head purification and rejuvenation treatment with medicated oil
19. Netravasti / Tharpanam - eye purification and rejuvenating treatment with medicinal ghee
20. Netradhara - eye cleansing treatment with medicinal decoction
21. Thalopothichil - head cooling and rejuvenating treatment with herbal paste and oil
22. Pichu - medicated warm oil application treatment for purification and rejuvenation
23. Thalam – head purification and rejuvenation treatment with herbal past
24. Lepanam - herbal paste application treatment for pain
25. Yoniprakshalanam - female genital cleansing treatment with medicated oil
26. Upanaha sweda - herbal medicine application for sweating treatment for pain and inflammation
27. Karnapooranam - ear cleansing and rejuvenating treatment with oil

9. Steam baths
1. Bashpa sweda - medicated herbal stem bath treatment for purification and rejuvenation
2. Nadi swede - medicated herbal vapor steam treatment for purification and rejuvenation
3. Avagaha sweda –immersion sweat treatment with herbal decoction for purification and rejuvenation
4. Ksheera dhoomam - hot milk steam treatment for purification and rejuvenation

10. Panchakarma treatments
1. Vamanam - therapeutic vomiting treatment
2. Virechanam - therapeutic purgation treatment
3. Vasti - therapeutic enemas
a) Snehavasti - herbal oil enema
b) Kashyavasti - herbal decoction enema
4. Nasyam – head cleansing treatment
5. Raktamoksha - blood cleaning treatment

11. Ayurvedic Beauty Treatments
1. Ayurvedic rice facial
2. Fruit and garden facial
3. Ancient beauty techniques

12. Ayurvedic Cooking and oils making

1. Medicated rice soups
2. Medicated vegetable soups
3. Health dishes. sambar, aviyal, thorans, vegetable curries, rasam, butter milk etc
4. Dosa, idly, puttu, appam, chappathy
5. Rice and whole wheat preparation
6. Special medicinal soups various diseases

13. Yoga and Meditations
1. Yoga Asanas
2. Breathing Techniques
3. Meditations (active and passive)

Please note:
1. You could also attend training without staying with us and also avoiding our food. Only pay for the training.
2. Medicine preparation of all treatments included except oils.
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