Abhyangam massage program 7 to 21 days s
Remove toxins to remain young, this famous ayurveda toxin removing and rejuvenating massage therapy is effectively done with two therapists on either side of the client works in tandem synchronize their strokes according to the vital points and all main systems of the body. Stretching and lengthening strokes warm up the body to sweat toxins, improve blood circulation, strengthen blood vessels, stimulate the vital points, awake the lymph glands and provide natural elasticity. Ayurveda massage with the energetic healing hands of experienced therapist balance the positive and negative energies of the 5 elements and enchases other mystic energies effecting our body mind soul. Massage oils are food for the body, nourish the skin, heal the wounds, lubricate the whole body, enhance body functions and depends on the client precious oils are selected. Ayurveda massage not only remove toxin but also provide more resistance against virus and diseases, slowdown the aging process, prevents aging related diseases, support longevity of life, smooth flow of energies and enhance body functions.

Abhyangam massage is a seasonal preventive care treatment and one of the most rejuvenating treatments especially in the Kerala tradition, along with steam bath produces great results. It is also main part of the preparatory measure of panchakarma treatments. Client receiving the massage is made to change 7 positions, starting with sitting, lying on the back, lying on the right side, lying on the left side, lying on stomach, lying on back again, and sitting again.

Most effective massage removes toxins, improves blood circulation, beautifies skin, promotes vitality, induces sleep, reduces obesity, relieves pain in the body, overcomes sexual weakness, delays aging, promotes development of muscles, enhances flexibility etc.

This massage program includes abhyangam body massage, head massage, feet and hand massage, face massage, herbal steam bath, herbal shower and face care face pack for about 2 hours every day.
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