Abhyangam – ayurvedic oil massage
Remove toxins to remain young, this famous ayurveda toxin removing and rejuvenating massage therapy is effectively done with two therapists on either side of the client works in tandem synchronize their strokes according to the vital points and all main systems of the body. Stretching and lengthening strokes warm up the body to sweat toxins, improve blood circulation, strengthen blood vessels, stimulate the vital points, awake the lymph glands and provide natural elasticity. Ayurveda massage with the energetic healing hands of experienced therapist balance the positive and negative energies of the 5 elements and enchases other mystic energies affecting our body mind soul. Massage oils are food for the body, nourish the skin, heal the wounds, lubricate the whole body, enhance body functions and depends on the client precious oils are selected. Ayurveda massage not only remove toxin but also provide more resistance against virus and diseases, slowdown the aging process, prevents aging related diseases, support longevity of life, smooth flow of energies and enhance body functions.

Abhyangam massage is a seasonal preventive care treatment and one of the most rejuvenating treatments especially in the Kerala tradition along with steam bath produces great results. It is also main part of the preparatory measure of panchakarma treatments. Client receiving the massage is made to change 7 positions, starting with sitting, lying on the back, lying on the right side, lying on the left side, lying on stomach, lying on back again, and sitting again. Most effective massage removes toxins, improves blood circulation, beautifies skin, promotes vitality, induces sleep, relieves pain in the body, obesity, sexual weakness, delays aging, promotes development of muscles, enhances flexibility etc.

Shiro abhyangam - head massage
Head is good everything become good. Head massage with cooling oil has been a part of India's rich culture thousands of years for its mysteries health benefits. Vigorous and soothing massage strokes lead one to a state of being where the thoughts are eased with total relaxation and awareness. Most effective massage for calming the mind, promotes health, alertness, concentration, induces sleep, relieves stress, neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches, migraines, sinusitis, hair growth, stimulates the lymphatic system etc.

Pada abhyangam – foot massage
Ayurveda emphasizes the importance of foot and hand massage for physical and mental wellbeing. Massaging inner organs and stimulating all senses through feet and hand is an open secret to all practice ayurveda. In this massage vital points on the feet and hand stimulated with tapping, kneading, pulling, squeezing, gentle pinching and also some conventional massage strokes. Most effective massage for sleeplessness, improves blood circulation, improves eyesight, relaxes the whole physiology, revitalization, increased flow of energy and prevents many disorders of the body and mind.

Mukha abhyangam - face massage
We are continuously expressing our mental, physical and emotional status through face and it became a broadcasting centre for our inner realities. Face massages with herbal oil increases the blood circulation to the face tissues, warm up the face to remove toxins, stimulates the vital points and sense organs - eyes, nose, mouth, ear, and forehead and brings deep nourishment, purification and nourishment’s to the face.

General body massage
This is a stimulating massage for robust health, given by one therapist. Based on the abhyangam this massage movements are well organized to produce complete relaxation and rejuvenation to the body. This massage treatment includes body massage, head massage, face massage and feet massages and last for about 60 to 65 minutes.

Rejuvenation body massage
Rejuvenation massage based on the abhyangam given by one therapist releasing all kinds of physical and mental tensions, stimulate the body functions and helps alignment of the body. In this massage extra care being given effected area of the body, head, shoulders, abdomen, thigh muscles or foot. This massage treatment includes body massage, head massage, face massage and feet massages and last for about 80 to 90 minutes.

Chavitty thirumal - body massage with foot
Chavitty thirumal also known as chavitty uzhichil is based on the abhyangam massages principles strong massage given with the feet to penetrate deep in to the muscles and joints. With the help of a rope pressure is applied while adjusting the body weight of the therapist. Both the legs and hands are massaged with various positions to enhance flexibility to hip and shoulders joints. Very special strokes are used to the whole body with hands with moderate speed and pressure to create soothing balance. This massage treatment includes body massage, head massage, face massage and feet massages and last for about 75 to 80 minutes.

Udvarthanam - massage with medicinal herbal powder
Udvarthanam herbal powder massage is very effective way for reduce cellulite and lose weight. This herbal body scrub massage warms up the body, increases blood circulation, smoothen the skin, revitalize and recondition the body and provide natural elasticity. In this treatment, two therapists deeply massage the body with warm herbal powders with specific upward movements. This massage treatment includes body massage with powder, head, face and feet massages with oil and last for about 75 to 80 minutes. Most effective massage for weight reduction, cellulite, hemiplegia, certain rheumatic conditions, certain skin diseases, impaired circulation, poor complexion of the skin, indigestion and sclerosis of blood vessels etc.
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