Panchakarma treatments 35 to 41 days
Panchakarma once in life time born again treatment, ayurveda’s elegant way of purification, rejuvenation and longevity therapies. Mystic treatment process which gets to the root cause of the problem and removing all accumulated toxins, enhance immune system, correcting the imbalance of body humors and maintain their inherent equilibrium. Toxins act as barriers to the harmonious flow of life-force energy and became the main reason for all types of diseases and problems effecting the body, mind and spirit.

Proper digestion, assimilation and elimination are impaired when basic forces inside our body are thrown out of balance by stress, repressed emotions, inappropriate diet, lifestyle, insufficient rest, environmental toxins, climate, seasonal changes etc. This causes accumulation of a toxic substance. And toxins produced over a long period of time can leave the digestive tract weak and blocks the shrotas (microcirculatory channels), disrupts the flow of nutrients to the area as well as the body's natural waste removal systems. According to ayurveda there are three different types of toxins ama, amavisha and garvisha.

Ama is the common type of toxin, waste product of incomplete digestion, sticky and foul-smelling. Mainly it forms in the digestive tract when the food we eat is not digested properly. Mostly caused by eating foods unsuitable for body type or the season, eating too much or too little, eating before the previous meal is digested, going to sleep on a full stomach, eating foods that are left over, processed, old or fermented.

Amavisha is more reactive form of ama that forms when ama settles in one part of the body for a long period of time and mixes with the subdoshas or dhadhus or the malas. This type of ama is more dangerous than the normal ama and must remove carefully during detoxification.

Garvisha is the third type of toxin, which comes from outside the body. Environmental toxins such as chemicals, preservatives, poisons, air and water pollution, genetically modified food, synthetics, chemicals in cloths, drugs, cleaning materials, heavy metals like lead, arsenic, asbestos etc.

Ayurveda provides a clear, concise and cohesive regimen to help restore balance and health in the mind and body in a natural way. Food (ahara), activities (vihara) and thought processes (vichara) determine one's personality and health condition and any imbalances will need to be corrected to achieve normalcy.

Panchakarma treatments are preventive in nature for healthy people to maintain health, enhances strength, endurance, vitality etc. It is also a pre-requisite of formal rejuvenation treatment and is useful in cases of sub- fertility and impotence. Balancing the positive and negative energies of the 5 elements and enchases other mystic energies helps one to get back to the real centre within. Bad habits, attachments and negative attitudes are removed from the body mind and guide one to live peacefully with existence. In order to break the habit pattern and other attachments most treatments are very intense in nature and clients could expect medium to high stress during treatments. Abhyangam energizing massage and steam bath removes most of the stress and soften our tissues, so the toxins can liquefy, and allow the toxins to leave the body easier through sweat, urine and stools.

One must give their maximum attention and care to the programme to get the maximum benefits. With successful panchakarma body became younger by 5 to 10 years and live longer and experience many other mystic benefits from this born again treatment. We make sure you receive 100% results with us.

This completes panchakarma treatments along with body massages and steam bath last for about 2 to 3 hours per day for 35 days. Treatments are given in the morning and afternoon sessions to produce maximum benefits. Panchakarma treatment is best effective if taken before the age of 60 and not available to all who don’t prepare themselves.

This systematic cleansing panchakarma is divided in to 3 stages 1 Purvakarma - pre-treatment care
2 Panchakarma – 5 main treatments
3 Pachatkarma - post treatment care

Purvakarma - pre-treatment care
Purvakarma prepare the client physically, mentally and emotionally for the panchakarma treatments. When the body was prepared correctly emesis becomes painless and effortless. It includes three procedures.

a. Pachan karma: Improving digestion with some herbs and fasting, so that client can digest the medicated ghee properly, this is given to liquefy the fat soluble toxins.

b. Snehan karma: Medicated ghee is given to the client in increasing doses and it helps to aggravate and liquefy the fat soluble toxins deposited in the deep tissues.

c. Swedan karma: Steam baths opens up the very small pores of the skin, activate body channels, liquefy the toxins trapped deep in the tissues and dilates the body’s subtle channel. Also facilitates their movement from the tissues to the digestive tract, thereby removing toxins and balancing the three doshas.

Panchakarma - 5 main treatments
1. Vamana – therapeutic vomiting treatment
Vamana is an ayurvedic medicated vomiting treatment to remove toxins from respiratory and gastrointestinal tract. The night before the vamana, the client is given food like black gram soup, yogurt and warm liquorice to stimulate the kapha and with vamana treatment all can be removed from the body. The next morning client is given warm milk or milk porridge of wheat is given to promote a watery secretion. After the intake of milk emetic inducing drugs like vacha or madana given to client. If emetic drugs doesn’t work rock salt is given to induce vamana. Once the client starts vomiting moderate quantities of diluted milk is given to induce further vomiting. Gentle massage is given to calm down the client with upward strokes around the navel and downward strokes on the back.
Vamana ends with client vomit deep rooted yellow colored mucous. Soon after emesis, the client is made to clean his throat and mouth by gargling and complete rest is recommended for a specific period. Most effective treatment for bronchial asthma, chronic cold, cough, psoriasis, arthritis, epilepsy, insanity, certain skin diseases etc.

2. Virechana – therapeutic purgation treatment
Virechana is an ayurvedic therapeutic purgation treatment, cleanses the gastro-intestinal tract, purify the blood, liver, gall bladder from toxins. Morning the physician examines the client to ensure that all the food previously eaten has been properly digested and that the client has slept well. The purgative medicine then administrated and the client asked to rest in a comfortable sitting posture with relaxed deep breathing. Around 4 to 6 liters of warm water given to activate bowl movements over a period of 4 to 5 hours. Excessive bowel movement may control with the same medication used for diarrhea. During treatments laying and sleeping strictly not allowed and strict diet regime followed after this treatment. Most effective treatment for skin diseases, urinary disorders, fistula, flatulence, insanity, arthritis, dermatitis, chronic fever, and jaundice weight lose etc.

3. Vasti – therapeutic enemas
Vasti is ayurvedic enema. Two types of enemas are administrated during panchakarma. Both treatments are used in a combination to produce a balance of nourishments and purification. Usually snehavasti is given to lubricate and nourish and kashayavasti to detoxify, this combination of sneha and sodhana in the vasti treatment normalizes all doshas and cure diseases.

a) Sneha vasti – herbal oil enema
Sneha vasti is a medicated oil enema. The treatment nourishes and rebuilds the body tissues, strengthens their activities, restores and fortifies the body's immunity. Promotes better nutrition while removing accumulated toxins from the colon. The patient’s abdomen and back massaged with herbal oils followed by fomentation with a towel dipped in a hot herbal liquid over the massaged area. The patient lies down on his left side, flexing the right leg and extending the left leg. Snehavasti instrument carrying the medicine connected with a catheter, and the catheter slowly put in the anus and slowly the medicine is injected into the rectum. Prior to treatment both anus and catheter lubricated with oil. This treatment is provided in the late afternoon time with full stomach and the oil can be kept overnight. Most effective treatment for constipation, rheumatism, paralysis, lowers backache, neurological ailments, flatulence, gout etc.

b) Kashaya vasti – herbal decoction enema
Kashaya vasti is a medicated herbal decoction enema purifies the body by expelling accumulated toxins from the body. This treatment is normally done after a course of few snehavasti. The medicine for kashaya vasti is prepared out of mixing honey, rock salt, oil, herbal paste and decoction. This mixture is filled in a sac made of leather after warming a little by keeping it in a hot water. The sac is then tied at the end of the vastiyantra (instrument of vasti). The patient’s abdomen and back massaged with herbal oils followed by fomentation with a towel dipped in a hot herbal liquid over the massaged area.

The patient lies down on his left side, flexing the right leg and extending the left leg. The nozzle of the instrument and anus lubricated with oil. Then the nozzle is carefully introduced into the anus and the leather sac containing medicine is then pressed firmly once to inject the medicine into the rectum. Client should lie down on his back in a relaxed state. When urge to pass stool the client can go to the toilet and evacuate. Most effective treatment for arthritis, constipation, neurological ailments, paralysis, flatulence, lower backache, gout, rheumatism, sciatica, fistula, hemiplegia etc.

4. Nasyam – head cleansing treatment
Nasyam is a therapeutic administration of herbal oils through the nostrils for cleaning the head area from various toxins. The nostrils are the entrance to the head and the effect of the drug administered through the nostrils spreads in and alleviates illnesses there by protecting the upper as well as the lower regions of the body. Head, shoulders, neck, chest, abdomen and face massaged with herbal oils followed by fomentation with a towel dipped in a hot herbal liquid over the massaged area. Herbal oil starting with 2 drops and the following days 4, 6, 8, and 9 drops poured into each nostril.

After administrating medicine the therapist gently massage the client nose neck, shoulders, chest, palms and feet. Immediately mucus oozing down from the nasal region to the throat this has to be spit out completely. Client need to breath in vigorously through the nostril in and breathe out through the mouth to help the removal of all toxins. Rubbing the hands together to generate heat and activate lungs area will also help to remove more toxins. Followed by warm water gargle to remove the entire mucus and relax the throat area.

Most effective treatment for bronchial asthma, sinusitis, allergies, migraine, epilepsy, nervous disorders, running nose, throat diseases, head ache, earache, dark circle around the eyes, certain type of skin diseases, loss of consciousness, insomnia, hysteria, hemiplegia, facial paralysis etc.

5. Raktamoksha Treatment - blood cleaning treatment
Ayurvedic blood cleansing treatment. Deteriorated blood removed with the help of leeching or by precise surgical instruments. This treatment is the last procedure of the panchakarma. Most effective treatment for eczema, scabies, leukaemia, gout, cases of stagnant blood causing etc.

Pachat karma - post treatment care
After success completion of panchakarma client must follow the post-operative care in which certain precautions are to be taken to get the full benefit. It includes three procedures.

1. Sansarjan karma - food therapy after detox
2. Rasayanadi prayogam - The rejuvenating rasayan therapy
3. Shaman chikitsa - The pacification therapy with herbs and life style management

Your true knowledge is the key for successful panchakarma
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