Psoriasis treatment program 21 to 28 days
Ayurvedic treatments along with medicine, healthy food and lifestyle will bring complete cure to psoriasis and other skin diseases in a short period of time. Ayurveda consider skin as a true reflector of internal conditions of the body, senses of touch, pain, pleasure, temperature, pressure etc are felt by the skin, largest organ and it gives external covering to the whole body. Most skin diseases occur primarily due high level of stress, sluggish liver, weak bladder, poor breathing etc.

Treatments and medicine focused on calming the mind, enhancing the liver and bladders functions and cleansing the skin and completely removing the infecting virus. Strict ayurvedic diet is practiced during and after the treatments. Depends on the health condition medicine course of about 90 to 180 days are advised for complete cure from this disease. This program includes exclusively prepared internal herbal medicines, lepanam, snehapanam, virechanam, kashyavasti, snehavasti, nasya, thakradhara, massage, head massage, face massage, special baths etc.
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