Bashpa sweda - medicated herbal stem bath for purification and rejuvenation
Bashpasweda or steam bath is another type of sweating therapy. Steam baths opens up the very small pores of the skin, activate body channels, liquefy the toxins trapped deep in the tissues and dilates the body’s subtle channel. Also facilitates their movement from the tissues to the digestive tract, thereby removing toxins and balancing the three doshas. Precious herbal leaves and herbs are boiled and the medicated vapours are passed to the steam chamber. Before starting therapy, the client is given enough water to prevent dehydration and lie down on his/her back on the steam chamber. It is important to maintain the head at normal temperature so the special steam chamber is covers only the body. Effect of the medicated steam bath to the body helps the head also to sweat. Most effective treatment for weight reduction, remove impurities, certain skin diseases, tune up the skin etc.

Nadi swede - medicated herbal vapor steam treatment for purification and rejuvenation
Medicated vapour steam sweating treatment. Boiling specific liquids in a pot and the pot is attached with a pipe and through the pipe steam directed towards the effected part of the body. The vapours dilate and soften the channels of the body allowing the impurities to move out. It is usually given after administration of oleation therapy or massage. Most effective treatment for bronchial asthma, bronchitis, chronic breathing disorders, arthritis patients with swelling and pain, various types of paralysis, ischemic limb disorder, abdominal pain etc.

Avagaha sweda - immersion sweat treatment with herbal decoction for purification and rejuvenation
Avagaha sweda is another type of steam therapy sweating by immersion. Tub filled with liquid medicine made from herbal decoctions, milk, oil, ghee, meat juice or hot water. Client is made to sit/lie in the tub for fomentation to the body and medicinal liquid keep pouring continuously with maximum temperature of 42c. After the prescribed time client must come out of the tub and wiped with towel. Most effective treatment for back pain, painful urination, rheumatism, hernia etc.

Ksheeradhoomam - hot milk steam treatment for purification and rejuvenation
Ksheeradhoomam, medicated milk vapor steam treatment. Boiling medicated milk decoction in a pot and the pot is attached with a pipe and through the pipe steam directed towards the effected part of the body. Most effective treatment for facial paralysis, speech disorders, numbness, nervous disorders, headache, cervical spondylitis etc.
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